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Artsy Boho Watercolor Kit

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Paint with your gals or your special someone this valentine’s day. All you need is water to paint and a bottle of wine to share. Just an important note: Keep your glass of wine far away from your paint water, believe this advice is golden =).

An innovative watercolor kit that allows you to paint with wet mediums like watercolors, because it is made with 140lb watercolor paper. The kit comes with the exact watercolors you need to paint each piece. The kit includes 5 botanical coloring pages: Eucalyptus, Cilantro, Lavender Field, Round Leaves & House Plant Leaf. An artsy educational sheet also comes printed in the kit, so you can become an artist while having fun. The coloring pages are are my very own original art, but they will become your very own masterpiece, all you need to do is frame it.

Art Dimensions:
5 x 7 inches

What you get:
This listing is for one Watercolor Botanical Painting Kit that comes securely and beautifully packed, includes the following:

(5) 5x7 Watercolor Coloring Pages that includes: Eucalyptus, Cilantro, Lavender Field, Round Leaves & House Plant Leaf
(1) 5x7 Watercolor blank page
(1) Watercolor dot card with 6 high quality paint colors
(1) An artsy educational sheet
(1) Video tutorials on Instagram @theartsyboho